For many of us, Mondays’ are a struggle. The start of the week always comes just that little bit too quickly. Are you one of those who hate Mondays? Or are you actually excited to start a new week? Here are our top 3 tips for getting the best out of your Monday.

1. Grab a coffee (or tea)! Not many of us can start the day without caffeine.

2. Take control of your priorities. Do not react right away to every email and every perceived crisis. Do the work you planned to do, and check your emails when you come up for air.

3. Plan a midday walk. Especially if you are working from home right now. Give yourself time to get away from your home office and clear your head. The best ideas are never made sat in front of a screen.

Plus, why not use this Friday to plan for the week ahead. So before you finish work on Friday, clear your to-do lists of as many things you can, then you won’t have a whole bunch of dreaded tasks waiting for you when you start the following week.

Make sure you know what’s on your schedule for the day and for the week ahead, so there are no surprises and you can hit the ground running.