At the beginning of 2024, we decided to take action against the impact our business has on our planet.

So we teamed up with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. That's everything from our team's yearly commute to the waste we produced as an office.

We measured our energy usage, business travel, and much more to understand how much carbon we had produced across both the Venture and Chilworth brands.

We then offset this through Carbon Neutral Britain's Woodland Fund Project.

The Woodland Fund project helps fund reforestation initiatives in the UK and across the wider world.

The Marston Vale Forest is one such charity project where a 61 square mile area located between Bedford and Milton Keynes has seen 2000 new trees planted.

In a bid to improve the quality of life for residents and wildlife, the charity wants to plant a further 2 million trees, and we're proud to have helped support this.

Not only do trees provide us with oxygen, but they combat climate change by removing CO2 from the air. Trees provide wildlife with natural habitats, and protection from the elements, as well as helping to prevent flooding.


Carbon Neutral Britain also has reforestation projects outside of the UK, one of which is the Improved Biodiversity & Mixed Reforestation campaign in Costa Rica.

The initiative has seen the planting of more than 1 million trees, mostly native to Costa Rica across an area of 2,115ha. This land was once used to rear cattle and is now undergoing massive improvement for its wildlife.

The Costa Rica project is spread across 5 reforestation farms and has led to 70 new species of reptiles and amphibians settling on the rejuvenated land.

We are proud to take responsibility for our impact on the planet and think it's something every business should commit to.

Offsetting our emissions with Carbon Neutral Britain is just the beginning of our journey to make our planet habitable for humanity and wildlife for years to come.


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