Market Update – September 2015

The slow summer months are officially over and September brought with it a flurry of activity for the Chilworth Partnership and Venture Recruitment Partners.

We are currently working a number of exciting retained roles including building a new finance team for the new My Local Convenience Group, a 140 strong convenience store business, born out of the ashes of Morrison’s M Local.

Trends in recruitment are constantly changing with old philosophies, such as a career for life being put to one side in favour of new prospects and a developed and varying career path. The job board Indeed has published a Candidate Attraction Report which states that 68% of people in employment are at least passively looking for new roles and staying up to date with the market, with 58% of people looking every month. The Recruiter has highlighted that the market is becoming more and more competitive especially in the East of England, the Home Counties and London.” Despite the competitive nature of the market ONREC, an online recruitment resource, has stated that there is also a “30% increase in available jobs”.

These trends have boosted the market and the general pace of the recruitment industry allowing for a higher demand of recruitment agencies to quickly turn around roles. ONREC has reported that “confidence in UK recruitment firms remains high. It found that recruitment agencies had a net satisfaction rating of 93%”stating that “89% of hirers are satisfied with the quality of candidates being presented.” These percentages highlight what we already know, that working with recruitment companies is the best way of navigating the employment market successfully.