Staying positive in a lockdown!

As the UK lock-down has been extended for another three weeks, we have put together a guide on ‘how to stay positive’ during the current crisis.

1. Follow a routine
Follow a routine and keep to it. It can be any routine, a totally new one if you wish, it doesn’t matter. But make sure everyone in your family knows what your routine is.

2. Stay active
Go out for a run, walk or cycle once a day.

3. Don’t be a news junkie
Of course keep in touch with the news but limit yourself to just once or twice a day, maybe just in the morning and evening to watch the main headlines.

4. Stay connected
Stay connected with family members like older children and grandchildren, whether over the phone or via face to face communication such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

5. Do something new
Even if you are working from home, the likelihood is that you probably won’t be quite as busy as usual. Take this rare opportunity to do something that you have never had time to do.

6. Reflect on working life
Yes, continue to work from home as instructed. But take the opportunity to reflect on your job and lifestyle. Are your usual working hours really good for you and your family? Do you really want to carry on doing 12-hour days in a job that you maybe don’t really enjoy?