Top tips for crafting a winning CV!

Do you need help with your CV? Lisa Smith, our Resource Manager, sees hundreds of CVs every week, so to help our LinkedIn followers, Lisa has put together her top tips for crafting a winning CV!

Tip one– Put your work experience in reverse chronological order – starting with your most recent first! As your current/last job will be most valuable to the new position that you are applying for.

Tip two– Avoid saying words like multi-tasking, enjoys working in a team, or hard-working – these are all good, but lots of people include them on their CV. So to ensure your CV stands out, try to use words like energy, willingness, advocate, contribute, and drives team engagement instead.

Tip three– Don’t just tell firms who you are and what you’ve done – make sure what you write is punctuated with their language and includes key-terms present in the job description and on their website.

Tip four– If you are available (i.e. not currently working), then make mention to this on your CV as being readily available when applying for an interim role can work in your favour.

Tip five – Use a standard layout when writing a CV with a professional font and colour choice; this makes it much easier to read and understand. Plus using a personal rating system can look unprofessional. If you want to include some of your key skills then just list them rather than rating yourself out of 5 or 10, etc.


If you could like additional help with your CV then please get in contact with a member of the team.

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