What do you miss most about your office

For Friday Fun the team here at Venture Recruitment Partners have compiled their top ten list of things they miss most about office life.

We’d love to hear what you miss too.

1. Making Tea for the team – Yes this is normally a chore, but right now we would all be more than happy to pop on the kettle and make tea/coffee for the team.

2. Having a proper workspace – working from home does have its advantages but we do miss our actual desks / dedicated work space.

3. The office buzz – It makes you really motivated to work when you can see all your colleagues cracking on with their day, too.

4. Chatting to colleagues and talking through work projects – Whilst you can always catch up via video call or WhatsApp, it’s not quite the same as those spontaneous chats at your desk.

5. Actual routine – It sounds sad, but the days really are all morphing in to one (whether you’re working or on furlough) and we kind of miss the clearly defined work days / weekend split.

6. Team Camaraderie

7. Going to the pub with the team

8. Bacon sandwiches on a Friday

9. General office banter

10. And here are some personal suggestions that probably only apply to our team.  442!, yoghurt club and Henry, jumping up from his desk to point out the wildlife outside. 🙂