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​HR Focus: ​Essential checklist for conducting your next interview

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago
  • Author:by Jodie Fox

Interviewing candidates is a crucial step in the hiring process to ensure you select the best fit for your business. Conducting a constructive interview is pivotal in creating a lasting impression for both candidates and your business organisation.


Here are some top tips to consider when conducting your next interview:

Pre-Interview Preparation:

  • Review the Candidate's CV: Familiarise yourself with the candidate's background, experiences, and qualifications.

  • Job Description Review: Revisit the job description to ensure you're clear on the role's requirements and responsibilities.

  • Prepare Questions: Develop a set of structured and relevant interview questions, including behavioural, situational, and job-specific inquiries.

  • Understand Competencies: Identify the key skills, competencies, and traits needed for success in the role.

  • Plan the Format: Decide on the interview format, such as in-person, virtual, panel, or sequential interviews.

  • Coordinate Logistics: Schedule the interview, arrange a suitable location or platform, and notify the candidate.


During the Interview:

  • Warm Welcome: Greet the candidate warmly and create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself, your role, and the purpose of the interview.

  • Icebreaker: Begin with a brief icebreaker to ease tension and build rapport.

  • Explaining the Process: Outline the interview structure, timing, and types of questions you'll be asking.

  • Star Technique: Use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) for behavioural questions.

  • Listen Actively: Listen carefully to the candidate's responses and encourage them to elaborate when necessary.

  • Take Notes: Jot down key points and observations during the interview for later reference.


Interview Content:

  1. Skills and Qualifications: Assess the candidate's skills, qualifications, and relevant experiences.

  2. Behavioural Competencies: Evaluate how the candidate's past behaviours align with the competencies needed for the role.

  3. Cultural Fit: Observe if the candidate's values and working style align with the company culture.

  4. Job Interest: Determine the candidate's enthusiasm and motivation for the role and the organisation.

  5. Problem-Solving: Present hypothetical scenarios to gauge the candidate's problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.


Candidate Questions:

  1. Allow Questions: Provide the candidate with an opportunity to ask questions about the role, company, and team.

  2. Assess Interest: Consider how well the candidate's questions demonstrate their interest and research.


Post-Interview Wrap-Up:

  1. Closing Remarks: Thank the candidate for their time and interest in the position.

  2. Next Steps: Clearly communicate the next steps in the hiring process and the expected timeline.


Post-Interview Evaluation:

  1. Evaluation: Review your notes and impressions immediately after the interview.

  2. Compare to Criteria: Compare the candidate's responses and performance to the job requirements and competencies.

  3. Collaboration: If multiple interviewers are involved, discuss impressions and notes to reach a consensus.

  4. Provide Feedback: Share your evaluation with the hiring team or manager as needed.

  5. Document: Document the interview outcomes, observations, and notes for future reference.


Remember that interviews are not only a chance for you to assess the candidate but also an opportunity for the candidate to evaluate your business. Providing a positive and professional experience enhances your employer brand and attracts top talent. The goal of the interview is to assess both the candidate's qualifications and their compatibility with your company's values and goals. Tailor your approach based on the role and the specific qualities you're seeking in a candidate.

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