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​Top tips for re-joining the workforce!  

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago

Re-entering the workforce can feel overwhelming. The working world has this funny way of making you feel like everyone else has been moving forward while you’ve been standing still. But even if you've taken time away from full-time, paid work, you have not been standing still. You have a lot to offer. You have been growing in different ways, and still have a tremendous amount of growth potential. And there’s a path to paid work waiting for you. 


Here are our top tips to help you successfully transition back into a professional role:


  1. Assess Your Goals and Priorities: Take time to reflect on your career goals and priorities. Consider what you're looking for in your next job, whether it's growth opportunities, work-life balance, a specific industry, or a certain role.


  1. Update Your Skills: Depending on the length of your break, industry trends and technologies may have evolved. Identify any skills that might need updating and consider taking relevant courses, workshops, or certifications to enhance your marketability.


  1. Revamp Your CV: Update your CV to include your most recent experiences, even if they're non-professional. Highlight transferable skills gained during your break, such as volunteering, freelancing, or personal projects.


  1. Network: Reconnect with former colleagues, mentors, and industry contacts. Attend networking events, seminars, and conferences to expand your professional circle and stay updated on industry developments.


  1. LinkedIn Profile: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Use your profile to showcase your skills, experiences, and aspirations. Engage with relevant content and join relevant groups to stay connected within your industry.


  1. Practice Interviewing: Brush up on your interview skills by practicing with a friend or utilising online resources. Be prepared to address any questions about your career break and how you've stayed relevant during that time.


  1. Address the Career Gap: During interviews or on your cv, be prepared to discuss your career gap openly and confidently. Focus on what you learned during your break, how you maintained relevant skills, and your motivation for returning to work.


  1. Start with Flexibility: Depending on your circumstances, you might consider easing back into the workforce with part-time, freelance, or contract roles. This can help you regain your confidence and adjust to the working environment gradually.


  1. Research Companies: Look for employers that value work-life balance and diversity. Research company cultures and values to find organisations that align with your personal and professional goals.


  1. Stay Positive and Patient: Re-joining the workforce can take time, and you might face rejections along the way. Stay positive, patient, and persistent in your job search efforts.


  1. Set Realistic Expectations: Understand that your return to work might not be exactly where you left off. Be open to starting in a slightly different role or at a lower level, with the potential for growth as you prove your skills and dedication.


  1. Balance Personal and Professional Life: As you transition back, strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This can help prevent burnout and ensure a smoother adjustment to the demands of a job.


Remember that re-joining the workforce is a journey, and everyone’s path may be unique. Stay adaptable, continue learning, and be confident in the value you bring to the table.


So, if you are searching for a new job, then please contact the team here at Venture as we're here to help you find & secure your next dream accounting or finance role.


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