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HR Focus: ​Top tips on how to manage remote teams

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago
  • Author:by Jodie Fox

Remote and/or hybrid working is here to stay. However, effectively overseeing remote teams demands a distinct approach to guarantee productivity, unity, and a conducive work atmosphere. 

Communication is key. Prioritise regular, meaningful communication. This includes not only discussing work-related matters but also creating opportunities for casual conversation and team-building activities. Regular check-ins, team meetings, and virtual social events can help foster a sense of connection and belonging among remote team members. Additionally, using video conferencing tools whenever possible can provide a more personal and interactive communication experience, helping to strengthen relationships and maintain a cohesive team dynamic.


Here are some additional tips to effectively manage remote teams:.

  1. Set Clear Expectations: Clearly define goals, expectations, and deliverables. Make sure every team member understands their responsibilities and deadlines.

  2. Provide the Right Tools: Equip your team with the necessary software, hardware, and collaboration tools. This includes project management platforms, communication apps, and video conferencing software.

  3. Trust Your Team: Trust is crucial in remote work. Focus on outcomes and results rather than micromanaging every step. Empower your team members to take ownership of their tasks.

  4. Establish a Routine: Encourage regular working hours and routines. This helps create structure and predictability for your team.

  5. Encourage Skill Development: Support ongoing learning and skill development. Provide opportunities for training, workshops, and resources to help team members grow in their roles.

  6. Promote Work-Life Balance: Emphasise the importance of work-life balance. Encourage breaks and time off, and be mindful of different time zones when scheduling meetings.

  7. Foster a Positive Work Culture: Maintain a sense of team spirit through virtual team-building activities, recognition programs, and celebrating achievements.

  8. Provide Feedback and Recognition: Regularly provide feedback on performance and recognise achievements. This helps to motivate and guide your team members.

  9. Address Challenges Promptly: If issues arise, address them promptly and constructively. Be empathetic and offer support to find solutions together.

  10. Encourage Social Interaction: Create opportunities for social interaction among team members. This can include virtual coffee breaks, team-building games, or casual video chats.

  11. Monitor Productivity, Not Activity: Focus on outcomes and results rather than how many hours team members are online. Trust your team to manage their time effectively.

  12. Promote Inclusivity: Be mindful of different working styles and time zones. Ensure everyone has equal access to information and opportunities to contribute.

  13. Stay Connected: Foster a sense of belonging by keeping your team connected to the company’s mission and values. Share updates, achievements, and long-term goals.

  14. Adapt and Learn: Be open to feedback and continuously adapt your management style based on the needs and feedback of your remote team.


Remember, managing remote teams requires flexibility, adaptability, and understanding. By providing the right support and resources, you can lead a productive and engaged remote workforce.

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